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adv1Users are becoming comfortable making purchases using apps. India’s app usage grew at 6% in 2017 and is expected to further rise in 2018 (stats: Yahoo Flurry Analytics). It’s common practice that first thing we do, after we get up, is look at our smartphones, possibly opening a few apps in the process. With the availability and reach of high speed internet capabilities (using networks such as Airtel, Jio, Idea etc), users now have the ability to access apps while on-the-go, and an increasing breadth of population being able to access these networks. Shopping and banking online is becoming as common as accessing social media.
adv2Mobile platforms are therefore becoming more popular with advertisers as the digital ad spend is expected to reach US $1.21 billion (reference eMarketer latest media ad spend forecast). By 2021 (eMarketer estimates) that smartphones will make up 47.4% of all mobile users.
Mobile ad spending as depicted in the graphic on the left is expected to rise as smart phone users increase (not just in India but globally). Being able to target a specific market as part of this mobile ad strategy becomes important and being able to place ads on apps that provide a level of focus, improves the chances of the ad hitting the right target audience and thereby increasing both revenues and footfall (in the case of hyperlocal).
DIYA provides a way for advertisers (product and services companies) targeting the child in the house, options to advertise through the app using both standard mobile ad features (such as banner ads, interstitials, pop ups etc.) along with hyperlocal capabilities for a more localised targeting.
DIYA – an edutainment and education app allows users to upload educational videos on projects both in and out of the school. The child being the centre stage of the household, the most influential member of the family, the ability to advertise on an app that brings together the community around the child increases the chances of being able to advertise products and services that will make a mark and be effective.
Talk to us if you are product / services company focussed on the edutainment space and wish to advertise through DIYA.
Mahesh Subramanian is the Head – Solutions Delivery at Ingegno Transmedia.
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