DIYA and Tappx — A Winning Partnership

When we initiated a soft launch of our video-based learning ecosystem DIYA – ‘Do it Yourself App’ in November 2016, we were looking at avenues to promote our app. Over the ensuing weeks we realized that mere Facebook posts and tweets were not actually translating into downloads of the app. We began looking for services that would promote our app with minimum fuss.

That’s when we came across Tappx – a powerful tool to promote apps. The website is clean with instructions that are easy to follow. We were required to integrate five lines of code as part of the SDK into our app and we were all set to begin cross-promotions.

Truly simple, intuitive and with opportunities for both free and paid promotions, we would like to recommend Tappx to all those app-developers out there looking to promote their apps.

All About DIYA

DIYA is envisaged as an edutainment eco-system that lets users – ranging from school-children to hobbyists, DIY-experts and Makerspace enthusiasts to upload videos of their creative projects. All approved videos win DIYA Reward Points. On accumulating these points, users can redeem them at leading offline and online brands across a wide selection of products.

DIYA-Users get to showcase their videos to a wide audience around the world and also make friends with like-minded enthusiasts. We believe that DIYA has the potential to become a great resource for anyone looking for DIY-Videos and will be useful for students to a great extent.

Download DIYA today and start exploring the platform by uploading your own DIY-videos.

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