DIYA – Making Learning Easier and Fun with Videos

DIYA - Learning with Videos

DIYA stands for “Do-it-Yourself-App”. Designed as a complete edutainment eco-system, DIYA is a video-based app that enables learning with ease. Designed keeping in mid the best principles of the ‘Maker Movement,’ DIYA offers students, parents, teachers and hobbyists a platform for DIY-project videos.

Starting with an Android app, DIYA allows users to shoot videos of interesting DIY-projects on their mobile phone and upload them on the DIYA platform. Every uploaded video allows users to win points, which can be accumulated and then used to earn gift vouchers from leading brands. Users can also join the ‘forum’ to connect with like-minded users and discuss about creating new videos. Over the course of 2017, we will be offering an iOS app for DIYA as well.

With DIYA we seek to offer the following solutions:

  • A complete edutaiment eco-system, which features a comprehensive library of rich videos.
  • User-generated content wherein students, teachers, parents and hobbyists can upload their DIY-videos.
  • A platform for creative thinkers and doers to connect, forge friendships and collaborate on projects.
  • Inculcate creativity skills in young users and help them work on school-projects.
  • Reward users with digital badges and points, which can be redeemed for gift vouchers from top brands.

Download DIYA and start using it today! Be a part of an exciting new phase in learning through videos!

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