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DIYA - Learning with Videos

Projects are an integral part of the education system now. Students as young as six and seven years are being encouraged to work on projects. From simple projects that involve cutting out pictures related to a specific theme like – national leaders, fruits, vegetables, famous monuments and sticking them in chart papers to more complex stuff related to maths and science in higher classes; projects engage children in the learning process.

When we decided to build DIYA, we observed two key problems; teachers unsure of how to grade repetitive projects and parents finding a source for new project ideas.  We decided to build an effective solution that would tackle both of the aforementioned problems. DIYA stands for – ‘Do-it-Yourself-App’; designed as an edutainment ecosystem; we have currently developed an Android app that users can download for free from the Google Playstore. Filling some basic details users can join DIYA and start shooting project videos and upload them. All videos are reviewed and then published onto the platform and users can earn redeemable reward points for each approved video.

Here’s a quick heads-up on what you need to do:

  • Visit the Google Play Store.
  • Download the ‘Do it Yourself App’ DIYA.
  • Register as a user.
  • Shoot and upload videos of yourself  or your friends working on school projects or DIY-crafts.
  • Remember the videos should be within 100 MB in size or you can upload sequenced videos to describe one full project.
  • Share your videos, make friends, collaborate on projects and earn reward points.

We believe that parents, teachers as well as students will benefit immensely from DIYA and additionally hobbyists and DIY-experts will also find DIYA to be extremely useful to build and share a portfolio of their work with ease. DIYA will also help like-minded individuals to connect and collaborate on projects with ease.

DIYA will help bridge the gap between curious minds, ideas that need to be executed and actual completed projects by documenting the entire project life-cycle on the platform as a video. This will help other users to create their own projects and ignite innovative ideas in the minds of DIYA users with ease. The app is also our hat-tip to the Maker Movement that stresses the importance of creating products directly by making with our own hands. Please download DIYA and upload your DIY-project videos onto the platform.

Have you used DIYA? Please share your feedback and thoughts on our venture at support@diyaapp.com.

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